Geodesical Dome

Get to know our new Geodesical Dome: A place for complete resting, for connecting with yourself and with the entire universe.

Eco Hostel

Join and check our project growing vegetables, growing medicine plants and Growing Cannabis. We collect water from the rain for plants. We have bee Colony.

Enjoy Hookah Narguile

Try our indian Hookah Narguile who comes with every apartment and get different flavours for your pleasure.

You will love our Thai and Hindu Style Decoration

The Indian and Thai styled, mystic themed hostel is a rare retreat for your body, mind, and soul.

Super fast WiFi

Digital nomads are very welcome. Watch movies, download and surf faster on the web.

Rent a bike:

Bike is the best way to discover Bogota.

100% Equipped kitchen

Cook yourself the perfect meals for you.

Relax with Yoga Private classes

Relax with Yoga Private classes. Hatha and Ashtanga style for beginners, intermediate and advance people. Daily Meditations.

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