It is part of the Simón Bolívar metropolitan park and is the active recreation area with the longest tradition in the west of the city.

Salitre Magico has altogether 30 attractions: 10 high impact, 15 children and 5 relatives, such as the carousel, flying chairs and minirueda; of high impact like the roller coaster “corkscrew” that counts on free falls of 15 meters of height and a route of 500 meters. It is also important to highlight the panoramic wheel called “Millenium” from which you can see a good view of the west of the city.

The last acquisition of the park is the Tornado roller coaster, which becomes the largest of the city imposing its size, 900 meters long, 60 meters wide and 33 meters high, with a capacity of 36 people, simultaneously in 3 trains of two cars driven autonomously by one motor each one.

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